Skin Meets Coffee: Dr. Roebucks And Bluestone Lane Are Bringing A Taste Of Aussie Culture To The US

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Courtesy of Bluestone Lane

What do Dr. Roebucks and Bluestone Lane have in common? They are both Australian lifestyle brands with sibling founders who have dominated the US for their efficacious sourcing and holistic messaging. The skincare line and coffee shop have partnered up for the month of October to bring a taste of Australian culture to their US customers. Beginning on October 3rd, the partnership will highlight the two brands’ core values of living a healthy lifestyle from the inside out. Bluestone Lane and Dr. Roebucks focus on using clean, natural ingredients in all that they produce. Bluestone Lane is a health-focused and progressive lifestyle brand, with coffee shops and cafés across the United States and Canada that uses only fresh, seasonal produce in all menu items, and ethically sources the finest arabica coffee beans. Dr. Roebucks is a vegan and cruelty-free skincare line with Australian sourced ingredients that can be found at Sephora, and Anthropologie. 

Courtesy of Dr. Roebucks

Dr. Roebuck’s sustainably sources all their ingredients from the purest places on earth and many of these are unique indigenous ingredients from Australia. Their founders, Zoe Roebuck and Kim Devin, handpick every vitamin, antioxidant and active ingredient to ensure maximum efficacy and follow the supply chain of all the brand’s raw suppliers from start to finish. In addition to the efficacious sourcing, the brand supports women living their maximized life in which the partnership with Bluestone Lane is able to enhance. “This partnership is an extension of who our customer is. The person that lives their maximized life, but still wants time for mindfulness. Both brands know the importance of daily ritual and escapism as a way to lead that maximized life,” say Roebucks and Devin. 

The Dr. Roebuck’s x Bluestone Lane partnership initially started at the ‘Beach Collective’ in Montauk, a unique retail/café concept that Bluestone Lane started in 2013. Along with Bluestone’s famed Melbourne-style coffee and healthy café fare, the store features a curated selection of nine Australian-born brands that trade within the space. Dr. Roebuck’s sells their Bondi Hydrating Mist, Byron Mask + Scrub, Down Under Collagen Boosting Eye Treatment, and the iconic No Worries Hydrating Face Moisturizer in the Montauk store. Dr. Roebucks is coincidingly launching their Ningaloo product line during their collaboration with Bluestone Lane. The radiant blue color comes from some of the purest copper in Australia. Only six ingredients are used in the new collection.

Courtesy of Bluestone Lane.

The partnership is continuing with Dr. Roebucks activating together at 12 of Bluestone Lanes top locations beginning the first week of October. Dr. Roebuck’s designed coffee sleeves, free coffee hour, influencer events and giveaways throughout the month are a few of the activations throughout the month-long partnership. “Whether it’s through coffee or skincare, we both aspire to enlighten our passionate consumers on the ‘Aussie way of life,” say Bluestone Lane founders Nick and Andy Stone. “Our core values align when it comes to ethically sourcing high-quality, clean and healthy ingredients that become part of a lifestyle and daily routine. We know that these values are important to our locals, which is what makes Dr. Roebuck’s a great partner.”

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