Meat pies and didgeridoos get their own commemorative coins in Australia

The “Great Aussie Coin Hunt” is designed to create “an iconic reflection of Aussie life” thanks to an A-Z set of special $1 coins, according to a statement from Australia Post.
Footy (Australian Rules Football), cricket and the Iced Vovo — a popular biscuit — also get their own coins. So does the small marsupial known as a quokka, the greeting “g’day,” and the long-running TV soap “Neighbours.”
Nicole Sheffield, Australia Post executive general manager community and consumer, said the promotion “opens up the opportunity for wonderful conversations about quintessential Australian life.”
You can get the coins in your change at Australia Post stores.
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Another famous Aussie foodstuff, the Lamington cake, also makes an appearance alongside the Zooper Dooper, a brand of frozen lolly, and Vegemite, a yeast extract commonly spread on toast.
Nature lovers will appreciate the kangaroo and platypus coins, while there is even a spot for the yowie, a mythical creature said to be similar to a yeti.
The coins will only be available as change from Australia Post stores, leading to a confused reaction online.
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“Like, I do want them. But what can you actually buy from Australia Post?” tweeted Ayden Dawkins.
Australia Post replied asking if he needed stationery, a phone charger, an airbed or a sewing machine.
“There are a surprising array of gifts and goodies at your local Post Office these days.”
Starting September 30, new coins will be released each Monday until October 21 at 3,600 Post Offices across the country.

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