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While most of the time you probably see me eating food, I’ve been receiving a lot of questions lately asking me who exactly I am, how I started traveling, why I love eating so much, and how I earn a living. So in this video I’m going to quickly explain how and where I grew up.

I was born in Phoenix, Arizona, in the USA in 1986. My mother is from Hawaii, and she’s Chinese, so I’m half Chinese. Visiting Hawaii, where food is a huge part of the culture, is where I first became so obsessed with all things food. My grandfather was a Chinese chef, so food has been a big part of my family.

My parents are Christian missionaries, so when I was 5 years old, we moved to France for a year. I attended my first year of school in France. We then moved to DR Congo, which was then known as Zaire. We lived in the middle of the jungle and as a kid I would run around exploring and eating interesting and rather bizarre jungle creatures. Due to war in Zaire, we moved to Nairobi, Kenya, where I attended a Christian international school for 8 years until graduating from high school. After high school I went back to Arizona and attended Arizona State University for 4 years, graduating with a degree in global studies.

After graduating, I didn’t want to just get a job, so I started traveling again. I traveled in South America and then went to Asia where I finally got a job teaching English for a year. During that year though, I decided not to ever teach again but to do everything I could to make it as a freelancer on the internet and be able to have freedom to travel (and eat). It was in Thailand that I met my girlfriend, who is now my wife, so I am married!

This brings us up to now. For a living I do a combination of selling my own ebooks, freelance writing, making videos, and all sorts of other random projects like SEO and social media marketing.

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