5 Tools To Add To Your Kitchen This Fall

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Along with the cool weather, colorful leaves and apple cider doughnuts, staying in and cooking is one of the best things about fall. But before you reach for your trusted Dutch Oven, consider the last time you stocked your kitchen with tools and gadgets. While that Dutch Oven might be made to last a lifetime, if most of your cookware dates to when you moved out of the dorm room, it’s time for a serious update. Whether you’re in the market for a new coffee maker or want a way to ditch the plastic wrap once and for all, these new kitchen tools and gadgets will have you embracing autumn and the joy of staying in to cook. 

Baking Molds + Pans

From, Silpat, the brand beloved for their silicone baking mats, comes a new line of silicone baking molds and pans ($39.99-$49.95). The molds and pans available for tartelettes, madeleines, mini madeleines, muffin, mini muffin, mini loaf and mini fluted cake are easy to use, take up less space than a traditional aluminum pan, are nonstick and produce baked goods that rival many a fancy store. Ideal for taking advantage of seasonal ingredients like cooking pears and onions into a tartelette.  

Silicone Lids

You ditched the plastic straws ages ago but if you’ve found forgoing the plastic wrap a challenge these airtight silicone lids from Food52 ($40) are for you. Dishwasher and heat safe up to 550°F, they come in five sizes to fit everything from your morning coffee to a casserole dish. Goodbye plastic wrap. 

An Everyday Knife + Some Cooking Guidance

Whether mincing garlic and herbs or carving a roast chicken a sharp knife that feels comfortable to hold is a kitchen essential. Your Everyday Knife ($79), an 8-inch German steel blade knife from newly launched direct-to-consumer brand Equal Parts gets the job done. Along with the knife, the company sells colanders, pans and utensils in sets designed to meet the needs of home-chefs of various skill levels and each purchase comes with access to a cooking coach that consumers can text for kitchen tips and techniques. 

Pour Over Coffee Maker 

A great cup of coffee is a little bit of magic on a chilly day (or really any day). In the past few years pour over coffee makers have become increasingly popular and with good reason. Yes, it takes a little more time than an electric coffee maker but pour over coffee offers more control over the brewing process and a more flavorful cup. There are numerous pour over coffee makers on the market from the classic Chemex to the newer ASOBU.


On a busy weeknight, stir-fry is easy, comfort food. And while a skillet will do the trick a wok is a nice investment if you find yourself making the dish often. HexClad, the brand that makes non-stick skillets with the durability of stainless steel has a 12-inch wok ($215) that in addition to making delicious stir-fry is good for making sauces and soups. The products are also dishwasher safe and work not only on gas and electric stoves but magnetic induction cooktops which can be challenging to find pots and pans for.  

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