6 of The Spookiest Places You Must-Visit in Europe this Halloween


If you’re looking to lift your spirits (and not just with trick or tequila) then these 6 spooky places to visit in Europe this 31st October are an absolute must. Not least because both Michael Myers AND Leatherface are both far across the pond in America so we’re safe to explore these without fear of not making it out alive!


The Catacombs Paris


The Eiffel Tower, the Louvre museum, and a cruise along the River Seine maybe be top of your list on your trip to Paris but there’s something far darker and sinister than these tourist attractions.

Hidden underground and away from the romantic Parisian sights we’ve come to know; the Catacombs tell a very different story of the French capital’s formidable past. If you’re brave enough to venture down into the deep depths of the Catacombs, you’ll be confined by the smallest spaces, lit only by the dimmest of lights and surrounded by millions upon millions of human remains. Decaying skulls line the walk as you weave and duck your way through this underground cave, with only the sound of your racing heart for company.


The Tower of London


There’s little more terrifying than the sight of Freddie Krueger hovering over you as you sleep but the Tower of London manages to just about take the title. This murderous landmark claims to be home to the ghost of Anne Boleyn, Henry VIII’s second wife who he had beheaded for being a witch (some even say this was proven because she had an extra thumb). With her head on the chopping board, it’s no surprising the ghost of Anne is a little temperamental. She runs up and down the corridors of the Tower screaming, and undoubtedly terrifying the night shift security guards…

The Tudor Queen isn’t the only ghostly spirit to wander the halls of the Tower of London; “The Princes in the Tower” Edward V and Richard of Shrewsbury, who were locked in the tower by their own Uncle Richard, Duke of Gloucester, supposedly roam the White Tower, looking for a way out.

London Bridge Experience and Tombs


Think pitch black darkness, confined spaces, sounds of impending chainsaws, and your screaming friends gripping your shoulder like their lives depend on it. This is the sort of fun that only the ultimate creeps amongst us like to enjoy. That means me, by the way, I’ll be heading to the London Bridge Experience and Tombs for this level of blood-thirsty fun that I can’t find anywhere else. Heart stopping, adrenaline pumping, (eye-watering in some cases) horror experience that takes you through the history of London’s most gruesome times, without leaving much (if any) to the imagination.

Czech Republic

Sedlec Ossuary


Meaning “The Church of Bones”, the Sedlec Ossuary in the Czech Republic is home to 30,000 victims of the notorious Plague. As one of the deadliest diseases the world has ever seen, the Plague has taken over 200 million lives throughout history and the very thought of those seeping boils sends shivers down our spines. This church promises to be unlike any you’ve been to before, using the human remains of the Plague victims to decorate its inside, with skulls looking down at you from the high-rise ceilings – creepy!


The Haunted Vicarage of Brogvattnet

If you’re travelling to the Nordic countries for Halloween, then stop off at the Vicarage of Brogvattnet. Known as one of the most haunted locations in Sweden, it drew media attention when supernatural events started occurring in 1927. Items would move from one side of the room to the other, screams would ring through the corridors, rocking chairs would move and ghostly figures would float from room to room. Are you brave enough to venture inside?


Moosham Castle

Moosham Castle in Salzburg, Austria has the reputation of being one hell of a creepy castle. Supposedly home to the wandering spirits of women sent to their deaths for being ‘witches’, the Castle has a bloody and horrifying past straight out of an A-list Hollywood horror movie. Witch trials in the 17th century were notorious for being the bloodiest and most gruesome way to die with beheadings being a common end to the trials and a quite a few of those heads were lost to bodies here…

If you’re sat there, reading through our haunting list thinking witch, please I can handle these, then lets put it to the test. Book a cheap flight with us and head on over to one of these broom-ing scary locations and see if you can hack it (sorry, the puns were just too enjoyable.)

Creep it real ya’ll!

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