Five Questions For PerUs, The Elite Members-Only Wine Club With A Waitlist

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There are two types of wine clubs: The ones you join when you’re visiting a winery (either due to social pressure or you truly love the wines) or the ones you join because you want to be lazy, and have curated wines, likely available at your local wine shop, delivered to your door. PerUs is both, and neither. Yes, the wine arrives at your door, but it’s not wine you’ll find anywhere else on earth, unless you’re already pals with a member.

The members-only wine club began with 60 cases of its 2013 vintage, changing the game in fine wine. A select group of lucky tasters are introduced to proprietary blends and big California reds designed to be the best in their class. In becoming part of this elite crew of PerUs sippers, these tasters share something in common with a small group of wine lovers across America – they’ve all enjoyed the same small-scale wines, and can discuss them and bond over their uniqueness. Prices for collectable bottles currently top off at $375 for a limited-production 2017 Cabernet Sauvignon, with a new, more accessible Cab-Merlot blend, called Bryn, retailing at $125 a bottle.

PerUs CEO Anmol Bhandari answered a few questions about the brand, its wines and how consumers can get their hands on the rare bottles.

What is PerUs?

PerUs is a collective of like-minded individuals who share the belief that life is to be measured not by our possessions, but rather by the friends, family and memories that we cherish. This philosophy defines who we are as a company and inspires us to share our vision through our wines.  

Why did you start PerUs?

I started PerUs because it was important for me to pass on the love for wine that my father instilled in me. The celebrations and experiences I had with my father are irreplaceable, and I cherish them. I am proud that PerUs has allowed me to have these moments with my son. Secondly, I have always loved the network of people I am able to connect with over an amazing bottle of wine. PerUs has given me a reason (and an excuse!) to keep connecting this way. 

Where does the wine come from?

PerUs wines are produced in the heart of Oakville Napa Valley, specifically at Tench Vineyard. We lease our land and manage our farming across all of our vineyards.

What makes the wine special?

PerUs is special from the vine to the bottle. We are so lucky to have Russell Bevan making our wines and know that we are always in good hands. Through Russell, we have access to amazing fruit, which creates seamlessly integrated and approachable wines. The team uses a marriage of old school and new school techniques that accentuate the long, velvety tannins for which our wines are so well known. Since we produce such a limited quantity, we are truly able to focus on producing the best wines possible.

How can consumers become members or try the wine?

PerUs operates on an allocation basis. The best way to join is to sign up for our waitlist via our website. When our inventory becomes available, we do our very best to accommodate all waitlist requests.

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