Things You Must Do When Visiting Menorca, Spain


You have the Balearic Islands, and then you have Menorca. Do not mistaken this beautiful treasure as a party island or ‘just’ a beach destination.

Menorca is filled with hidden treasures, beautiful historical monuments, old buildings and archeological sites. The culture in Menorca is remarkable and in order to really embrace your time spent on the island, there’s 10 things you must do before departure.

Top things to do on Menorca:

1. Enjoy a full menu meal at a local restaurant

This is not your typical menu dish, but a never ending meal of appetizers, main courses, soups, desserts, liquor and coffee. Be sure to show up for your Spanish meals with a full appetite because there’s no way you’re going to have room for seconds.


2. Buy a pair of Pretty Ballerinas or Castell Menorca sandals

While Menorca may be a small island, there’s certainly no shortage of high quality shoes in the area. Menorca sandals are typical everyday sandals to wear around town and Pretty Ballerinas are produced globally at a steep price (even Kate Middleton chooses Pretty Ballerinas to wear out and about). Since the factory is in Menorca you can get stellar deals on some seriously high quality shoes.


3. Drink Cava and Pomada until the sun goes down

There’s nothing like drinking bubbly wine and freshly squeezed lemon and gin while relaxing on the island of Menorca. You’ll find these delicious drinks at just about any restaurant around town.


4. Learn the local dialects

There is quite some history around the people in Menorca speaking a slang of their own, and some of which has been adapted from the English language. It’s quite a neat thing to pick up on, especially when you speak Spanish yourself.


5. Spend a full day on the beautiful beaches

Can we name a few? Sure! Cala Galdana, Marcarella, Macarelleta, Turqueta, Mitjana, Mitjaneta, Trebaluger, Fustam y Escorxada, and the list goes on!


6. Explore a handful of archeological sites

There are over 1,500 archeological sites across the island, some that can be spotted from a mile away, others buried beneath the rubble. Depending on how deep you want to start exploring, there’s many beautiful archeological sites to be found!


7. Walk the old town of Ciutadella

The town of Ciutadella is not the capital any longer, but it’s still very much known as the historical capital due to the beautifully designed architecture, the Cathedral Ciudadela, the incredible archways around town and the historical city centre, Palacio Salort.


8. Get a history lesson on the myths of the island

There are numerous myths floating around the island about the stashes of gold stolen by Turkish pirates or the potential cannibals who roamed the island in ancient times or even wild stories related to the 2,300 year old vessels uncovered near the shore.


9. Roam the 6 km port of Mahón

Take your pick between tons of delicious restaurants like La Josefina for some lunch and coffee and then take a stroll along the water’s edge.


10. Super keen? Travel the entire coast by foot or kayak!

It is possible and in fact it is a rather popular thing to do. Most people take about one week to complete the 186 km coastal trail called the Cami de Cavalls.


Have you explored Menorca before? What other hot topics would you add to the list?

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