How Italian Panettone Is Made Using A 137-Year-Old Family Technique

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Italian baker Nicola Olivieri is known for his handmade panettone. Since 1882, the Olivieri family has passed down the recipe and technique. Each panettone is handcrafted, takes four days to process, and uses four times as many egg yolks than others.

Nicola Olivieri is the co-owner of Olivieri 1882, a bakery and food hall in Arzignano, Italy. Panettone is their best seller and is considered one of the top 10 handmade panettone cakes of Italy, according to Italian publications Gambero Rosso and Dissapore. There are no preservatives, and only natural ingredients are used, which gives each panettone a shelf life of 30 to 40 days.

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How Italian Panettone Is Made Using A 137-Year-Old Family Technique

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