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In recent years, the popularity of parks, open spaces and trails has grown. So, we’re celebrating great public spaces across the country, and we need your help. Vote for your favorite city parks, public squares, riverwalks, recreational trails and urban kayaking spots.


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Best City Park

Where is your favorite city park?Where is your favorite city park? — Photo courtesy of iStock / AlbertPego

City parks provide space to connect with nature and the community. The best city parks offer a variety of activities for residents and visitors that range from playgrounds and community gardens to skate parks and live performances. Help 10Best find the country’s best city park by voting for your favorite.


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Best Public Square

Which public square gets your vote?Which public square gets your vote? — Photo courtesy of iStock / Dmytro Varavin

Public squares provide vital space for community members to gather – whether to picnic with friends, throw a frisbee or host farmers markets, fitness classes or festivals. Which public square gets your vote?

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Best Recreational Trail

Which recreational trail do you enjoy the most?Which recreational trail do you enjoy the most? — Photo courtesy of iStock / sportpoint

Recreational trails have been popping up across the country and providing people with new ways to explore the great outdoors. Many of these trails allow users to bike, walk, run, skate and even explore by horseback. Which trail is your fave?

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Best Riverwalk

Which riverwalk do you think is the best?Which riverwalk do you think is the best? — Photo courtesy of iStock / Josh Toth

Cities across the United States have transformed their riverfront areas into multi-use spaces for recreational purposes, cultural activities, dining and nightlife. Help us find the best riverwalk by voting for your top pick.


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Best Urban Kayaking Spot

Where's your top spot to paddle in the city?Where’s your top spot to paddle in the city? — Photo courtesy of iStock / GabrielPevide

These 20 urban kayaking spots provide a fun and active way to explore cities from a new perspective. What’s your favorite urban river to go kayaking? Vote once per day until polls close on Monday, February 6 at noon ET.

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Remember, you can vote once per day in each category. The 10 nominees with the most votes in each category will be announced on 10Best.com on Friday, February 17.

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