King of FRIED RICE – He Cooks 45 Plates at a Time!! | Taiwanese Street Food!!

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TAIPEI, TAIWAN – Welcome again to the island food paradise of Taiwan, and today we’re going on a Taiwanese street food tour but focusing on some of the intense wok fired dishes of Taiwan including the King of Fried Rice!!

1. Market Stir Fry 龍記炒燴: – First to begin this Taiwanese food tour we stopped off at a market across the street from Taiwan University. At lunch the market transforms into a massive food court with all things Taiwanese food you can imagine. But we headed to the back of the market to go to a famous stir fry stall where they make everything fresh to order. A few of their specialties are fried noodles and egg and beef in a sauce over rice. Food was delicious!
Total price – 320 TWD ($10.57)

2. Oyster omelet (廣州街夜市香脆蚵仔煎): – Next up, another Taiwan street food classic – the oyster omelet. They fry it on a huge iron griddle feeding it lard as they go. One of the unique things about a Taiwanese oyster omelet is that they serve it with a big puddle of miso tomato sauce in the center. Additionally some of the highlights here are the plump poached oysters and the simple ginger soup.
Total price – 520 TWD ($17.18)

3. Fried Rice Restaurant (後港一路蛋炒飯): – But really, the absolute highlight was going to Taiwan’s king of fried rice. As soon as I arrived they started making a batch of 45 plates at a time on one griddle. We got to see the full process as they added in 45 eggs, a bag of shrimp, cabbage, sauce, and kilos of rice. It was an amusement park of fried rice – a mountain of fried rice. And the owners are extremely friendly!
Total price – 180 TWD ($5.95)

This turned out to be an amazing Taiwan street food tour in Taipei. I loved the friendly owners and the delicious taste of the breath of the wok!

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