First Time in Bangladesh!! ???????? VOLCANO MUSTARD FISH FRY + Street Food in Dhaka!!

???????? Day 1 Bangladeshi Food! With @PetukCouple
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DHAKA, BANGLADESH – Welcome to Dhaka, one of the most exciting and busy cities in the world! Today is Day 1 in Bangladesh, hanging out with Rasif and Ipsha ( @PetukCouple ). We’re first eating a huge Bangla home cooked meal at home before trying some local neighborhood street food. And ending today with a massive hilsa (ilish) fish fry in mustard oil – one of the national foods of Bangladesh!

Literally right off the airplane we headed over to Rasif and Ipsha’s home where they cooked a huge meal of over 18 different Bengali foods. Everything from beef curry to eggplant with egg, moringha drumsticks, fish curry and duck curry. The abundance and variety was outstanding and it was my first ever Bengali meal in Bangladesh!

Next up on this Bangladeshi food tour we walked out on the streets in their Dhaka neighborhood to eat some local street food snacks. We started with an amazing liver jhalmuri (30 BDT ($.035). Jhal means spicy and muri means puffed rice, and this is one of the most popular and common Bengali street food snacks. Especially with the liver, green chilies, and mustard oil, it was fantastic.

Continuing on the street food tour we ate some deep fried fast food like chicken rolls and Bangladeshi chicken nuggets. Then on to a stall that served amazing bhel puri and chotpoti – an incredible mix of chickpeas and spices, green chilies, onions, coriander, and tamarind sauce. The street was so tasty and without a doubt the bhel puri (20 BDT ($0.23 each) was my favorite snack of the night.

Finally to complete this Day 1 Bangladesh food tour we drove outside of Dhaka about an hour to Mawa Ghat, a famous location along the Padma River to take a ferry, and to eat the national fish of Bangladesh – hilsa (ilish). You choose your fish, we chose three, plus some extra fresh water prawns. The fish is cleaned and sliced in front of you, then marinated in turmeric and chili before being shallow fried in fragrant mustard oil. Additionally with the fried fish tails they smash them with onions and chilies and mustard oil to make Bhorta / Vorta – which is a common Bangla food preparation of ingredients that are smashed together to bring out their flavors. We had two types of fish vortas, an onion vorta, and a tomato vorta. It was an outstanding meal with incredible friends in Bangladesh!

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